Please review the following before continuing with your application. 
Fandom Legacy Con is about celebrating the fandoms we love and the legacy they leave behind. More than that, it is about the community created by these fandoms and giving spotlight to the creative leaders of this community.
That's where you come in!
As a professional cosplay guest you will have access to a new segment of your fandom and community to help teach and lead into a new creative future. 
Once the application is made you must still be approved. Once you are approved you will be notified by email. You must confirm your attendance via email with us before your passes will be prepared. 
All professional cosplay guests must follow the following rules and guidelines. 

All attendees must follow the code of conduct on the Fandom Legacy Con website. professional cosplayers are no exception. 

Minimum audience
Your community of fans must be provably in excess of 1000 followers at the time of application. 

As a professional cosplay guest at Fandom Legacy Con you are required to run at least 2 hours of interactive panel content. This is recommended to be based on your cosplay expertise, but it is not required to be. Interactive content requires a focus on audience participation just like every other panel at Fandom Legacy Con. In addition you must be willing to provide your expertise should you be asked in judging cosplay contest content. 

As a professional cosplay guest you will receive the following:
  • 2 complementary weekend press tickets to the convention
  • A number of the cosplay guests will be invited to preside over the cosplay contests and competitions at the con
  • A table to interact with your fans and sell your wares/prints set in the lobby of the hotel. Note that there is no lock down available for these booths and it is recommended to pack them up at the end of each night. 
  • The love and adoration of your fans!
  • Placement on the convention website as a cosplay guest.