Welcome to our online Stewardship Renewal form.
We are all called to be faithful stewards of God's many blessings. Your commitments of time, talent and treasure to St. Peter's Parish are active responses to God's generosity in your life. Thank you for renewing your tithe commitment to St. Peter's.

It is important that every parish household make a stewardship pledge. Supporting parish operations is a privilege we all share: each of us taking part to shoulder a load that would be too much for any of us to do alone. With your annual gifts, you provide essential support for our many active ministries, including our excellent school. Please be generous.
Every year we experience increases in basic expenses, especially utilities, salaries, and benefits. Salaries and benefits alone make up 67% of our parish budget this fiscal year. We ask that you prayerfully consider a pledge of 6% of your annual after-tax income, or perhaps an increase of 5% over last year.
Thank you,
Father Steve Cook
 If you have any questions you may call or email Warren Blevins or Karen Conley.
Warren Blevins, Business Manager
Karen Conley, Development
816.800.0105 (direct line)