* 1. The kite fest is a family activity for Money Smart Week, April 23-30, 2016. Please provide your contact information:

* 2. How many kite kits would you like? If you are having workshops at several branch locations, you may order for each one. If another library wants to participate, please have them fill out their own SurveyMonkey with their contact information.

* 3. Please acknowledge that you understand you will pick up your kite kits from the nearest Money Smart Week planning team or your Iowa Library Services district office, or possibly your local AEA. We cannot ship kite kits.

* 4. Our sponsor would like to provide a short discussion on savings/banking to accompany your kite ASSEMBLY workshop. We can provide you the basic talking points. Please let us know your plans:

* 5. What is the date and time of your first workshop?

* 6. How do you plan to promote the kite fest in your community?

* 7. We'd like to provide photos and comments to our Kite kit sponsor. Please let us know how you can help:

* 8. While the Money Smart Week team does not provide any prizes for this activity, you may wish to have a small prize for a kite flying event. Let us know your plans: