Each year Kilbirnie School surveys parents on a range of issues which help to inform the Board of Trustees and Management team when developing the school's annual strategic plan. 

This year we are surveying on engagement with the school about your child's learning, the health curriculum including learning about the developing body and healthy eating, and recent changes to school operation. There is also a chance for you to add any other feedback or comments.

Last year we surveyed on new strategic goals, IT and EOTC (Education Outside the Classroom). This fed into the strategic plan, and also helped with decisions relating to IT use within the school.

This survey should take 10-15 minutes.  The survey closes on Tuesday 28 November.

At the end you can tick a box for which class your child (or children) is in. The class who has the most parents/caregivers complete this survey will win a prize.

Thanks for your time.

The Kilbirnie School Board of Trustees