* 1. This positions hours vary and can include some early morning pet sits, multiple afternoon dog walks and evening petsits are examples. Many people really enjoy this schedule.
Are you available to work a flexible schedule that will vary day to day?

* 2. In this position you will get to know many of the clients personally. They will come to know you and trust you as someone who routinely cares for their pets. It is for this reason that we require at least a 9 MONTH commitment. Can you commit for at least 9 MONTHS?

* 3. Other than possibly living with/growing up with a dog or cat explain what experience you have with them.

* 4. Do you have a reliable vehicle for daily use?

* 5. Because of our online client scheduling system a Smart Phone or Droid is a required tool for this position. Do you have a Smart Phone or Droid?

* 6. Some clients have pets other than dogs and cats. List any animals that you are fearful of or would not be comfortable providing basic care for (reptiles, birds, hamsters, rabbits).

* 7. Certain clients prefer that their dog stay at someones house while they are out of town. Would you be comfortable having dogs over to your house for doggy sleepovers?

* 8. Alternatively, some clients request to have a petsitter stay at their house overnight with their pets. Would you be opposed to staying at a clients home overnight when they are out of town?

* 9. Describe your medical experience with pets. Giving oral medication, insulin, recognizing basic symptoms that a pet may be ill etc.

* 10. Please provide the following information so we can contact you for an interview. Thank you! You will be contacted if you are a candidate for this position.