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* 2. This information will go in the "About Us" section of your franchisee page.

Tell us a little bit about your business, what you enjoy about your business, a bit about your professional history.

* 3. How many years have you been in business?

* 4. Please list the types of jobs that you provide on a regular basis and many as possible

For example if you were a carpenter it would be;
House frames
Bathroom renovations

For a cleaner;
Carpet stain removal
Rug cleaning

* 5. Do you have any environmental tips for consumers for your trade or service?

List as many as you can environmental tips for consumers for your trade or service.

For a plumber it can be things like installing water tanks and for an electrician it can be LED lights and motion sensors.

The more details that you can add the better.

* 6. What are some common questions you get asked by consumers for your trade or service and what is your answer.

Please type the question on one line and answer on the next.

For example;

Do you accept credit card?
Yes we accepts all types of credit card using our MYOB PayDirect device.

Can I make all of the locks on my house open with the same key?
Yes we can fit a master lock to all of the doors of your house to ensure you only need to carry around one key. As a secondary option you could fit a Lockwood 001 Touch and have keyless entry to your house or office.

* 7. Do you have a twitter account? If so what is your username?

* 8. Google Plus profile address if you have one?

* 9. Facebook profile address?

* 10. What are your opening hours?

* 11. Please list the many brands that you use in your trade or service as possible separated by commas.

For example for a plumber:

Caroma, Dorf, Vinidex, Tradelink, Rinnai, Rheem etc

* 12. Give an example of a big mistake or mistakes you have seen consumers make trying to do things themselves rather than calling a professional like yourself?

* 13. What do you pride yourself on in your business?

Prompt response times
Competitive pricing
Public Liability Insurance

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