* 1. Overall, did you find the June 9th NM Recycling Hub & Spoke Training helpful and relevant to you and your community's recycling needs? (1 being the least and 5 being the most)

* 2. Did you find the Landfill Rate Analysis Results presentation useful? Rank on a scale of 1 as the least useful and 5 as the most useful?

* 3. Did you find the Pay-As-You-Throw presentation useful? Rank 1 with less useful and 5 as most useful.

* 4. Knowing that Pay-As-You-Throw is a complicated topic, what did you find most pertinent to you and your community in the discussion? Please check all that apply.

* 5. If you did not already indicate on the PAYT questionnaire handed out at the training, that you are interested in receiving support to bring PAYT to your community, please check Yes below.