GypsyAngel Characters Used in Because I Said So!

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* 2. Which renders do you think should win?

Participants - you MUST vote for ONE (and ONLY ONE) of your entries, and make it first place. Then you vote for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places but none of those can be your entries.

Everyone- required- you must vote for each place (aka 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th)

  1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place  4th Place
Nope, Haven't Seen Her In Months! Years! Decades!  (Odaa)
Officer Friendly's Blown Kiss  (nonesuch00)
Mariah   (Kismet2012)
Chance Meeting   (Saphirewild)
Escaped Gladiators  (Geffe)
White Hot And Ready To Blow   (Taoz) 
Planned Vacation   (Saphirewild)  
Relaxing Break  (3Ddreamer) 
Her Most Treasured Possession   (Mollytabby)   
Murmurations   (3Ddreamer) 
PoseOFF  GypsyAngel Was Definitely Here   ( nemesis10)
PoseOFF  GypsyAngel Owns This   (nemesis10) 
Ask GypsyAngel  (Faeofthe3rdDimension) 
GypsyAngel Was Here (Faeofthe3rdDimension)
The Test  (Mollytabby)  
Stop!   (nonesuch00)
Frank And Fred Ponder Life   (Saphirewild)
Every GypsyBoy Deserves Clothes   (3Ddreamer)
Mynx Goes Out!  Really?   (xmasrose)