Camfil Energy Survey

* 1. Thank you for choosing to take part in our Energy Survey. To begin, please provide some contact details for yourself, so we know a little bit about you and your company.

This information will not be passed on to any third parties or used for marketing purposes.

* 2. Has your energy bill changed in the last three years?

* 3. If your energy bill has fallen, is this because:

* 4. What drives your energy purchasing decisions?

* 5. Typically, how far into the future do you aim to fix your energy prices?

* 6. In the last 12 months where have the biggest increases in your total energy bill come from?

* 7. What action(s) are you taking / planning to reduce energy costs / CO² emissions?

* 8. How will you deal with a further increase in your overall energy bill during the next 12 months?

* 9. How would you rate your factory's energy efficiency?

* 10. Does your business strategy include specific measures targeting energy?