Hi! This is a forum for you to anonymously ask or tell me anything.

Maybe I look ridiculous wearing certain jeans but nobody told me, or maybe you like my eyes but feel creepy saying that randomly.

Maybe you have a question about my views on stuff or how I became a libertine, stoic, polyamorous, sexually fluid, pagan, anarchist, minimalist.

Maybe I did something that made you feel bad or broke a social rule but I'm oblivious and owe you an apology. I'm the first to admit that I have been an asshole before and screw up social things a lot.

Maybe there something I could do for you and you're too nervous to ask in person.

This is a completely open forum to tell me or ask me anything, negative or positive (though, please don't be an asshole or troll). Run wild with it, don't hold back.

You have three options for a response:
1) I respond online via my blog, Facebook, Yours, etc. - This is the default
2) I respond to you personally (and/or on my blog) - You'll need to provide me with a way to respond and make this clear in your comment
3) You don't want or need a response and don't want me to blog about it - Make this clear please :)

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* 1. Tell me anything. Ask me anything.