* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. How many servings of fruit do you eat daily?

* 3. How many servings of vegetables do you eat daily?

* 4. What is the recommended daily serving of fruits and vegetables?

* 5. Did you prepare and/or purchase many of your own meals prior to coming to college?

* 6. Did you eat fruits and vegetables before coming to college?

* 7. Do you think the University of Rochester offers a variety of fruits and vegetables in it's dining halls?

* 8. Do you prefer cooked vegetables or raw?

* 9. How much weight have you gained since coming to college?

* 10. In a typical week, how many times do you exercise?

* 11. Do you know how much time is recommended for weekly physical activity?

* 12. Have you increased, decreased, or maintained your physical activity level since coming to college?

* 13. Do you know your what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is?

* 14. What is your Body Mass Index?

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