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FBANC's mentorship program provides an opportunity for law students, new attorneys, and experienced attorneys to form and build a mentee-mentor relationship.

Each mentee-mentor relationship and experience is different – but here are some ways mentees can benefit from mentors:

1)  Mentees can learn from an experienced attorney's experience going through law school, taking the bar, and landing their first attorney position.

2)  Mentees can turn to their mentors for advice with classes, career path, resumes and cover letters, etc.

Ways mentors can benefit from participating in the mentor-mentee relationship:

1)  Giving back to our community by guiding the next generation of attorneys.

2)  Meeting law students and new attorneys, sharing your war stories, and making new connections.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I sign-up for the Mentorship Program this year, if I already signed-up in the past?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Is it alright to get a Mentor/Mentee if I already have one?

A: Yes – in fact, we encourage it! Our individual circumstances are always changing, so having more than one mentee/mentor is beneficial and sometimes necessary.

Q: Will joining the 2017-2018 Mentorship Program be a decision I’m glad I made?

A: Without a doubt! Our community is full of amazing people, and by coming together as Mentees/Mentors, we only grow stronger.