Please complete this survey by October 15, 2012 using sales data from 2010.

We will maintain strict confidentiality of the information you provide us by using Marr and Company, P.C., a third-party accounting firm, to collect the data. No IAPD staff, Board member or volunteer will see the information you submit.

Please submit data from your annual financial statements that are produced as of 12/31/10 or the closest month before if your fiscal year end is not on a calendar year end. We will report on and compare data for companies with sales less than $25 million (US), a group with sales between $25 million and $50 million, and another group with sales over $50 million.

Please report sales that originate in NAFTA countries regardless of their final destination.

You may provide the actual ratios in Question 2 below or scroll down to Question 3 to provide the data to be calculated into ratios by Marr and Company, P. C.

* 1. Please indicate which sales category your company fits into:

* 2. Please indicate the ratios below, rounding all percentages to the nearest whole percent using the % symbol (i.e. 45%, not .45)

If you do not wish to calculate the ratios, skip to Question 3 and Marr and Company will calculate the ratios:

* 3. Please provide the following information to later be calculated into ratios (if you provided ratios above, please skip this Question):