Part I of Application, Executive Director/Supervisor Referral

Part One is for Executive Directors (ED's) to recommend TWO members of their staff... Each nominated staff person must ALSO complete Part II of the application.  (ED's are also encouraged to register to attend the ED retreat & training, July 29 - August 1st. Priority space is given to those who send staff to this event in June!)

Why a retreat-based training?: 

Advocates entering the work of supporting victims and ending violence in our communities are often naturally empathetic, caring, or social justice-minded and/or want to make the world better through their efforts. This same trait that is so valuable to the work can also make them even more vulnerable to vicarious trauma. How can they find balance? How can they remain engaged and committed to what they do, while also maintaining their own internal well-being and positive world view?

The North Carolina Victim Assistance Network (NCVAN) is pleased to offer  two special retreat and training events. This one in June is just for victim advocates from local programs who work directly with victims of violent crimes, including domestic and sexual violence, child abuse and homicide. The second retreat takes place in late July/August for executive directors and supervisory staff. 

Through three days of retreat-based training and somatic and respite activities, the Summer NCVAN Resiliency and Training Retreats on Vicarious Trauma  are to give participants an opportunity to understand vicarious trauma by processing/integrating that understanding on personal level, towards reclaiming joy in the work, so crucial to the sense of wholeness that sustains our collective work to address and end violence. The events take place in peaceful, natural surroundings  and incorporate creative and healing activities in the learning.  Each participant will have their own room to foster reflection and solitary time to replenish.

Important Details: 

NCVAN Resiliency and Training Retreats on Vicarious Trauma are part of the NCVAN’s Advanced Academy and funded through the Governor’s Crime Commission. They are offered free-of-charge, including 3 nights lodging (meals included) and the training itself, and provided for  to state-recognized organizations committed to victim work. A refundable/returned deposit will be required to hold the space, until after the event.  In return for offering the training free-of-charge, leadership within the organizations are asked to commit to participate in a future related training

In selecting staff to nominate, executive directors and supervisors should consider the following: 1) Advocates who have worked directly with victims for at least a year (2 years preferred) with preference for those whose primary function is working full-time with victims or crime. (Exceptions are made for those working with surviving loved ones in cases of homicide.); 2) Staff who are especially committed to victim advocacy; 3) Staff who may be vulnerable to vicarious trauma from either chronic or acute exposure to violence or witnessing negative impact of systemic biases in the work. 4) Participants who commit to attend the ENTIRE program, start to finish, Sunday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon.

Participants will be accepted through a two-part application survey process, based primarily on the above criteria, the content of the survey, then ultimately the availability of space. Accepted participants will be notified May 25th. Executive directors are encouraged to have an alternate staff person on stand-by to substitute in the event of a last minute cancellations by one of the participants you nominate. 

Question Title

* 1. Your information:

Question Title

* 2. If the staff person's application is approved,  you as the executive director and/or the direct supervisor are also invited to  attend a retreat & training in the mountains. We will also offer supplemental training in the future to support you & your staff. Please indicate "yes" if you would like us to hold a space for you. We wil hold the space and send you information to complete.

Question Title

* 3. What type of vicarious trauma training have you or your organization undergone prior to this event?  If you have take steps to address it in your organization, please share details.

Question Title

* 4. Please complete the following nformation on the fist staff person you are recommending attend the Resiliency Retreat. Note that the person will need to complete Part II of the application to be considered.

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* 5. Please share why you are recommending this person to the NCVAN Resiliency Retreat on Vicarious Trauma and how the opportunity to process acute or accumulated trauma may be helpful.  (Please provide enough detail help us make a determination during our acceptance process.)

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* 6. We encourage programs to send two staff together as a team. If you are recommending an additional staff person, please list the other applicant's name and title below. This person will need complete Part II of the application.

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* 7. Please share why you are recommending this particular second person to the NCVAN Resiliency Retreat on Vicarious Trauma and how the opportunity to process acute or accumulated trauma may be helpful.  (Please provide enough detail help us make a determination during our acceptance process.)

Question Title

* 8. Please confirm: In order for this application to be complete and considered for approval, each staff person I am recommending must ALSO complete their own survey questionnaire designed for the participant, provided here ( ) and in the email I receive.  

Because the retreat involves process work,  to benefit, staff  will be asked attend the ENTIRE program from start to finish. We will only accept applicants who commit to the entire program, without arriving late or leaving early. It is also essential to the group dynamics. 

This event is free as a thank you for the hard work of your organization. Note that last minute cancellations within 3 business days of the event nonetheless incur an expense to NCVAN for the lodging. For this reason NCVAN will ask for a refundable deposit of $50 to hold the space, in the form of a check or providing a credit card number. Checks would only be cashed or cards only charged  in the event the participant  fails to arrive and complete the program.  Otherwise the uncashed checks will be returned and cards never charged.  Sending an alternate staff person as a subsitute will also suffice to cover attendance.

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* 9. Please note that the retreat and training takes place in Salter Path NC. Lodging (which includes meals) and the training are free to your staff and covered by NCVAN. Transportation and meals en route are covered by the home agencies.  Advocates who wish may come before the retreat begins to enjoy the beach or stay after it ends. Sometimes discounted lodging is available through the retreat center for those who seek to lengthen their stay overnight outside of the 3 nights we cover. Please indicate if you would like more details.

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* 10. Thank you for nominating your staff to the NCVAN Resiliency Retreat & Training on Vicarious Trauma!  We are happy that you are supporting your advocates in self-care.  We also hope to see you in the mountains of Macon County for the leadership retreat & training!  

NCVAN is also comtemplating bringing in national presenters and providing additional workshops to support the you, the health of your staff and organization. Would you have an interest in ongoing support?