1. Tell us how you feel about your bod!

Girl, we wanna know how you really think about your body. Do you love it, because it powers your through soccer practice? Or are you less than thrilled with how you look? Be honest, and tell us how you really feel. Your answers might be in an upcoming issue of Girls' Life (don't worry, we'll change your name!).

* 1. What's your first name and last initial?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. This is how I feel about my body…

* 4. How often do you have negative thoughts about your body?

* 5. When do you feel the worst about your body?

* 6. How do you feel when you're in a bikini?

* 7. How do you feel when you're wearing shorts?

* 8. When do you feel best about your body?

* 9. What’s your fave body part?

* 10. Tell us why it’s your fave.

* 11. And your least fave body part?

* 12. Tell us why it’s your least fave.

* 13. How would you describe your shape?

* 14. Are you happy with your shape?

* 15. Have you struggled with feeling insecure about your body?

* 16. If yes, who/what made you feel that way? Check all that apply.

* 17. Speaking in general, do you think girls today have…

* 18. Have body anxieties ever impacted your life? Check all that apply.

* 19. When a friend asks you if she looks fat, you…

* 20. Would you rather…

* 21. Thinking back on words that have hurt your body image the most, whom did they come from?

* 22. What did they say?

* 23. What do you think is the ideal body type?

* 24. How does your weight make you feel?

* 25. Do you think guys appreciate a variety of body shapes?

* 26. Do you think guys only want girls who are “perfect”?

* 27. This makes me feel the most self-conscious about my body… (check all that apply)

* 28. Who makes you feel better about your body?

* 29. Things that make me feel better about my body are… (choose all that apply)

* 30. Why do you think girls often feel bad about their bodies, but think their friends look amazing? Why are girls so hard on themselves?

* 31. Do you have a secret to body confidence? What is it?

* 32. If you could give one tip to other girls for boosting their confidence, what would it be?

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