* 1. Does Louisville Girls Leadership achieve our mission? [Choose one]
LGL Mission: We create an immersive experience in which high school girls develop meaningful skills and relationships. As members of an inclusive community, girls amplify their societal impact, becoming exceptional leaders in their world.

* 2. Listed below are LGL’s Core Values. On a scale of 1-3, how well do we fulfill them? [1=not well, 2= OK, 3=amazingly well]

  1 2 3
Celebrate Each Other: We acknowledge the greatness in each and every girl. We seek mentorship, friendship, and meaningful connections from each other.
Honor Diversity: We recognize that there is value in difference and always focus on acceptance, not judgment.
Seek Wisdom: We value our collective knowledge and experiences and look to our peers to expand our worldview.
Commune with Compassion: We respect the safe environment that is created when we meet. We are understanding and thoughtful in our words and actions.
Raise Consciousness: We raise awareness of local and global issues affecting women and girls.
Enrich Our World: We share our unique gifts and lead by example to serve our community and improve the lives of those around us.

* 3. How would you rate our efforts in the following areas on a scale of 1-3: [1=not good, 2= OK, 3=amazing]

  1 2 3
Social Media

* 4. What makes us unique? [Please explain below]