* 1. What is the first word or phrase that comes to mind when you think of the Uchucklesaht Tribe today?

* 2. What are three things that you think would improve living conditions in the village of Kildonan?

* 3. What do we want our community to be remembered for by generations to come?

* 4. Please indicate how important the following are to you:

  not important somewhat important important very important
Preserving and enhancing culture and heritage
Creating economic development opportunities on and off treaty settlement lands
Creating road access to the Village of Kildonan
Development in Kildonan, e.g. housing, infrastructure
Maintaining and enhancing the natural environment on treaty settlement lands
Developing treaty settlement lands for economic opportunity, e.g. logging, tourism
Improving access roads to and within treaty settlement lands
Removing float homes in Uchucklesaht Inlet
Creating building standards
Community safety
Enforcement of Tribe laws and regulations
Development of land use controls (zoning) on treaty settlement lands

* 5. If you live OFF treaty settlement lands, would you like to live ON if there was opportunity to do so?