Beautiful RVA is a regional coalition of public and private agencies, organizations, and individuals invested in improving the quality of life in greater Richmond through public horticulture, urban greening and beautiful place-making initiatives. Follow the discussion on Twitter at #beautifulrva.

Beautiful RVA met Wednesday, November 20th and focused on the City of Richmond’s community plan “RVAgreen: A Roadmap to Sustainability.” The goal of this plan is to create a thriving, healthier, more sustainable city. Alicia Zatcoff, a key advisor in the plan and the City’s Sustainability Manager, discussed creating a safer, more welcoming, and beautiful City environment—one of 55 initiatives in the RVAgreen Plan. Discussion tables collaborated on three main questions, and the groups developed some really great ideas on how to move this beautification effort forward utilizing existing resources and successes.

The information collected from the initial meeting was organized into this survey in an effort to gain as much city/community feedback as possible before more planning ensues. Please take the time to complete this short survey of only four questions, so your ideas are taken into account in future beautification efforts.

Thank you!

Beautiful RVA

* 1. What are successes in the community that we can build on?

* 2. What human/organizational resources do we have at hand? Please check all that apply and feel free to insert your own answer into the Other comment field.

* 3. What would an "enabling environment" for local action look like? Please check all that apply and feel free to insert your own answer into the Other comment field.

* 4. What are the most important action items that should happen in the next 90 days? Rank on a scale from most important to least important.

  Most important Somewhat important Neutral importance Somewhat unimportant Least important
Work with city staff to create a guide (flowchart, helpful tips, FAQs, etc.) to enable the community to better navigate through city processes, procedures, regulations, etc. around beautification
Develop a list of priority beautification projects to implement around the city, ex. gateways, corridors,
Identify an existing organization that is willing to take a leadership role in developing a community based beautification program
Hold another workshop to dive deeper into how interested stakeholders can develop a community based beautification program
Public relations campaign about the need for a community based beautification program, ex. OpEd, Letters to the Editor, City Council, etc.

* 5. Please share your name, association, and e-mail address for future communication from Beautiful RVA.

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