Greene County Sheriff's Office Community Satisfaction Survey - October 2017

The Greene County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing quality service to the citizens of Greene County.  We need your help to accomplish this goal.  This is an anonymous survey to determine the concerns and views of our citizens about crime, law enforcement services and how the Sheriff's Office can best serve community needs.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey.  Your opinion is important to us.  Only through your valued opinion, and those of your neighbors, can we fully understand the progress we make and identify the problems we need to further address.

* 1. Have you called the Greene County Sheriff's Office in the last 12 months and requested law enforcement service?

* 2. Please indicate how satisfied you were with the amount of time it took the deputy to respond to your call or request.

* 3. Under what circumstances, if any, did you have contact with the Greene County Sheriff's Office during the past year?

* 4. Did the deputy/employee that you had interaction with act in a courteous and professional manner?

* 5. Please review the areas below and for each item listed, please indicate whether you consider the area a "major concern, minor concern or of no concern" to you.

  Major Concern Minor Concern No Concern
Home burglary
Drug use/sales
Traffic violations
Domestic violence
Fraud/identity theft
Gang activity
Auto theft
Neighbor disputes
Violent crime
Terrorism threat

* 6. In the past 12 months, do you feel that crime in your neighborhood has:

* 7. Please rate the visible law enforcement presence in your neighborhood.

* 8. Are you experiencing drug issues in your neighborhood?

* 9. In the past year - have you made any complaints regarding drug activity in your neighborhood?

* 10. What type of drugs do you feel are causing the most problems in your neighborhood?

* 11. Are you aware that the Sheriff's Office has an anonymous tip line - 562-4818.