SU-17 Course Survey

50% of survey complete.

Thank you for participating in this Martin University SU-17 Course Survey. Hopefully, you had a positive academic experience with your SU-17 course.  Please take a few minutes to complete this online survey by Monday, July 31, 2017.  Thank You.

* 2. The instructor adequately communicated the importance and significance of the subject matter.

* 3. The instructor created a positive educational environment that was conducive to learning.

* 4. The instructor displayed a personal interest in students and their learning.

* 5. The instructor was responsive to emails, phone calls, and office visits outside of class.

* 6. The instructor encouraged students to use multiple resources (e.g., websites, libraries, study groups) to improve understanding.

* 7. The instructor explained course material clearly and concisely.

* 8. The instructor provided timely feedback on test performance and assignments.

* 9. Class material and group discussions were very beneficial and related to "real life situations."

* 10. Martin University's IT infrastructure adequately supported this course.

* 11. Technical assistance was readily available, if needed.

* 12. Assigned readings (e.g., online, textbooks, handouts) were useful and contributed to my learning.

* 13. Exams adequately assessed my knowledge and understanding of the course material.

* 14. The course syllabus adequately explained course goals, requirements, and topics.

* 15. I highly recommend this course for all Martin students.

* 16. Which of the following statements best describe your overall impression of this course.

* 17. What I liked most about this course was:

* 18. What I liked least about this course was:

* 19. Please provide any suggestions you have about how the course could be improved.