* 2. Please comment on any element(s) of Rudai23 that you enjoyed the least.

* 3. What were your three favourite "Things"?

* 4. Thinking about the technology-based Things, please indicate whether you are likely to use them in your workplace.

  Likely to use Unlikely to use Already using
Google Apps
Curation tools
Augmented Reality
Collaboration tools
Communication through images
Mobile apps
Social media management tools

* 6. Thinking about the future, how likely are you to keep using the following networking tools?

  Highly likley Moderately likely Neutral Moderately unlikely Highly unlikely
Facebook Group
Google Plus Community
Google Hangouts

* 8. Do you intend to use the Rudai23 Certificate of Completion as part of a wider CPD qualification? If so, please comment on your goal. If not, what was your motivation for doing the course?

* 9. Please choose to Agree or Disagree with the following statements in relation to your interactions with your Moderator.

  Agree Disagree
It was of good quality, and was useful as part of my learning
It was of good quality, and was good at keeping me motivated
The feedback was received in a timely manner
The feedback was slow to come at  times
I felt isolated at times due to lack of feedback
I found the format of feedback (comments on blog posts) was appropriate
I felt that I could contact my moderator through email if necessary at any time

* 10. Please take a few moments to share any thoughts you have about Rudai23.