This survey aims to inform a guideline on how to safely re-open endoscopy centers by using pre-procedure testing.
Current tests for COVID-19 have not been completely validated but even well-established tests are never 100% accurate. In the setting of endoscopy, a false negative test in an asymptomatic individual means this individual has COVID-19, is shedding the virus and may transmit the infection to others.

In order to open your endoscopy unit, the following pre-endoscopy COVID-19 testing strategy (RT-PCR within 48 hours of the appointment) is being implemented: asymptomatic patients who test positive are re-scheduled and in asymptomatic patients who test negative, the procedure is performed with a surgical mask plus face shield. Please review the following statements and assumptions:

  • The prevalence of asymptomatic patients with COVID-19 in your area is 1% (low prevalence). Patients are screened using the CDC screening checklist.
  • We assume the risk of COVID-19 infection is 50% if an endoscopist performs an upper endoscopy with no PPE (personal protective equipment) in a patient with COVID-19*
  • Based on best available evidence, the risk of getting COVID is 20% if wearing a surgical mask and 5% if wearing an N95 with face shield (worst case scenarios).

*Published rates of infection among healthcare workers (in general) range from 5% to 30%; we presume the risk is higher among individuals involved with aerosol generating procedures but we are uncertain if it is 50%.
Now please answer the following question when thinking about opening your endoscopy center:

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* 1. Mr. Smith is asymptomatic and tests negative for COVID-19 prior to his EGD. Please indicate your threshold for the risk of infection that you are willing to accept as the endoscopist performing the EGD wearing only a surgical mask with a face shield. Remember, the tradeoff is not being able to open your endoscopy unit.

Demographic Information

Please answer the following questions about yourself to help us with our findings. 

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* 2. I currently perform endoscopy in a...

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* 3. Please fill in the blank: My GI group includes **X** (number of) physicians

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* 4. Please fill in the blank: On average I perform **X** (number of) upper endoscopy procedures in 1 year.

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* 5. Gender

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* 6. Please fill in the blank: I have been practicing GI for **X** (number of) years.

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