The following survey has been prepared to determine your school’s level of satisfaction with the services received from CommuniCare Therapy.

CommuniCare Therapy Rehabilitation Services provides Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy SHSS services under the direction of the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

This survey is intended to evaluate direct therapy services provided by CommuniCare Therapy rehabilitation professionals. It is not intended to evaluate the services of the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

Thank you for your time and consideration in completing this survey!

* 1. Overall how would you rate your satisfaction with the clinical therapy services directly provided by CommuniCare clinicians?

* 2. Does the therapist seek your input in developing the care plan? (goals, programming, schedule etc.)

* 3. Are you able to communicate with the therapist when needed? (in school, via email/phone)

* 4. Are you satisfied with the amount of contact the student had with the clinician?

* 5. Did changes of therapist during the school year (if any) have a negative impact on the therapy services received?

* 6. Does the therapist provide helpful resources/information/programming?

* 7. Does the therapist respect school routines/protocols? (i.e., scheduling, communicating with school/parents, signing in, wearing name tag etc.)

* 8. Does the therapist follow security protocols? (i.e. signing in, wearing nametag, other)

* 9. Is there any way that CommuniCare could improve our therapy services?

* 10. Is there any feedback that you would like CommuniCare Therapy to share with the LHIN that could improve the school therapy services?

* 11. If you have specific feedback that you wish to be shared directly with the therapist(s), please provide that feedback below along with the name of your school or therapist(s).