* 1. How did you hear about "The Pink Room" documentary?

* 2. When would you like to have a Screening of The Pink Room? (specific date, dates, or generic month)

* 3. For what purpose would you like to screen The Pink Room?

* 4. What avenues of promotion can you use for the screening?

* 5. What location would you like the Screening to be held at?

* 6. What volunteers could you have available for the Screening?

* 7. I would like to have my Pink Room Kit mailed to:

* 9. Would you help AIM by holding a fundraiser during your screening? If yes, we can send you a combined package of 40 3Strands bracelets.

Each package is $120, this covers the cost of bracelets. You sell them for $10 each. Whatever you don't sell, you return and we will credit you for the amount you return.