This Advisory Opinion Submission tool has been developed as a way for members who are concerned that an activity they may be involved in or are considering may be in violation of the VetPartners' Code of Ethics. If you have or are aware of an activity that you think should be reviewed by the Ethics Committee, please complete the information below.  The committee will review and formulate an advisory opinion based on the information received:

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Proposed Activity:  Please describe the prospective activity you wish to have reviewed by the Ethics Committee, giving as much detail as possible so that the committee has a full understanding of the nature of any actions, activities, relationships, etc involved. Please do not include names of individuals, descriptive titles are sufficient (e.g. client veterinarian, commercial lending officer, fellow consultant.)

* 3. Activity Deadline: If the proposed activity has a deadline (e.g. a specific point in time in which it must take place) please indicate that below.  The Ethics Committee will attempt to meet deadlines whenever possible. The existence of a deadline however, DOES NOT guarantee we will undertake writing an advisory opinion on any particular matter, nor does it guarantee that an opinion will be timely.