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* 1. First, tell me what your player name is, and then write about what brought you to play KL. Take your time and write more than a sentence or two. (How long have you been playing? Do you play regularly: Was this your first multi-player online game? How would you rate KL compared with other games you’ve played.)

* 2. Have you ever posted on another player’s wall? (What did you say or what were you hoping to accomplish? Do you regularly make wall posts, or just every once in a while? What motivates you to post on another player’s wall?)

* 3. Do you think of KL as being a creative outlet for you? Do you make up poems or do artwork that you include in your posts.

* 4. Have you joined a “clan” or group within the game? (Were you hoping to get help from your clan? Did you find your group helpful? What keeps you involved with that clan the most? Have you ever changed clans and why?)

* 5. Is keeping your name in KL important? (Have you changed or altered your name in some way? What was it like to have a new name out there? How did former contacts react to your new name choice?)

* 6. Have you joined a “chat group” or instant messenger that is dedicated to KL? (Have you become a member of an online chat room where people discuss game concerns? In a chat room or in the game, is keeping your personal identity a secret important? Do you chat about your name, work, family, etc? What is completely off limits for you?)

* 7. Tell me about the relationships you have in KL (Do you have friends in the real world that also play KL? Are you friends in KL also, or do you spar against each other? How many enemies have you made in KL? What happened and does the fury continue for a while?).

* 8. Have you ever found yourself unsure about what to do in the game? (Have you reached out to others to get advice? Are people honest in their advice to you, or is there ever trickery?)

* 9. Has playing ever become a distraction at work or in your home life and do friends who don’t play look at you funny or question you for “all the time you waste”?

* 10. Would you try other similar Storm 8 games? (How long do you expect to play KL?) What else would you like to say?

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