The NDPA Spanish Immersion program is available to students attending grades 1-6. This selection process allows currently enrolled Exposure students to apply for a Spanish Immersion opening, starting in the 2018-2019 school year. Preference is given to board members, employees and applicants with a minimum thirty (30) volunteer hours. Each student interested in the immersion program must submit a separate application. The first round of applicants will be notified by email on May 21, 2018. Ongoing acceptance will be as openings in immersion become available. Note: If your child(ren) are already in our Immersion Program, you need not reapply. They will continue in the Immersion Program each year.

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* 7. I am familiar with the NDPA Spanish Immersion program curriculum and policies. I understand this application is given preference based on volunteer hours. I have verified my volunteer hours and they have been entered correctly. If selected, I commit to my student's placement for at least 2 years. I understand by entering my name below, I am signing this application and agree to its terms and conditions.

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