St Breward Carnival Royalty 2024 - Carnival Day is Saturday 6 July 2024

To parents and guardians of all children living within St Breward Parish

A huge thank you again to our 2023 Carnival Royalty! It’s now time to select the Royalty for St Breward Carnival 2024.

We know there are some children within the village who don’t attend St Breward Primary School, as well as lots of children who do. To ensure we are as inclusive as possible, we are opening the entries to all primary school aged children within the parish of St Breward; the child does not need to be attending St Breward Primary School.

The Royalty will lead the Carnival Procession in our float; we can help you to find a vehicle with a tow hitch if needed. The previous year’s Royalty will leave the float undecorated, so that the new Royalty can decorate it as they wish; we can offer some support with this if needed. An allowance is available to help towards decoration, outfits for the day and fuel as needed. We ask that the decorations are taken down before returning the float to us, ready for the next year.

We would like to bring ours and other Carnivals together, so commitment at our Carnival Day and at least one other local Carnival would be fantastic; ideally St Tudy if you’re available. You can use the float at as many Carnivals as you wish, and again a fuel allowance is available to help with this.

The Carnival Royalty names will be drawn at random. The selection results will be announced at the Coffee, Cake and Craft morning on Saturday 9th March 2024, 10am – 12noon in the Memorial Hall.

To take part in the draw for Carnival Royalty, your child/ren must have written parental/guardian permission. Please complete the online form below.

Entries must be received by 5pm on Friday 8th March 2024.
1.I (Parent/Guardian full name):
2.Give permission for (name of Child/ren): be included in the draw to find the Carnival Royalty for 2024. I am aware that I will be contacted to confirm the entry. Yes (please tick)
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