2023 USATF Illinois Association Junior Olympic & Para TF Champs
June 23-25, 2023
University of Illinois 
Champaign, IL 

USATF Illinois youth athletes compete in the first round of the Junior Olympic competition to punch their ticket to regionals in Indiana.


Volunteers will receive

  • Free T-Shirt (must sign up by June 19th)
  • Complimentary Parking
  • Free Meal (must complete and work a full shift)

Volunteers are needed in the following areas (must be at least 15 years old):

(1) General Event Support – Responsibilities will focus on the overall execution of the event. General event support volunteers will retrieve implements during warm-ups and competition, assist during weights and measures, and set up and manage competition venues under the direction of meet officials.

(2) Meet Administration Assistants – Responsibilities will focus on the administrative duties of managing a competition. This includes setup, assistance in meet registration/packet pickup, distributing and posting results, assisting with medals and awards, and performing assignments as directed by Meet Management.

Application & Volunteer Process
  •  Applicants must be 15 years old to volunteer.
  • You are selecting dates and times that you WILL work the competition. No additional verification will be required. We will remove shifts as competition needs change.
  • The thank you page serves as confirmation of a successful submission.  
  • You will receive an email from meet management no later than 48 hours after submission providing a copy of the dates you selected to work. Please ensure you entered an accurate email!
  • Final event details and instructions will be shared 24 hours in advance of the competition. 
  • Contact Us with any additional questions. Thank you!

Question Title

* 1. First and Last Name

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* 2. Email (please check for accuracy. This is how we will communicate with you).

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* 4. Volunteer Preference

(We will do our best to accommodate volunteer preferences but our priority will be fulfilling the needs of the competition).

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* 5. Please indicate ALL the shifts you WILL work on Friday, June 23rd. Shifts will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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* 6. Please indicate ALL the shifts you WILL work on Saturday, June 24th. Shifts will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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* 7. Please indicate ALL the shifts you WILL work on Sunday, June 25th. Shifts will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

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* 8. Any additional comments you would like to share?

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USATF Illinois is committed to the safety of athletes as well as their physical, emotional and social development and to ensuring that athletes can participate in sport in an environment free of misconduct. By submitting this application, the Volunteer acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the USATF SafeSport Policies.

Event Support Volunteers, who do not already appear on the USATF SafeSport Compliance List, will be required to complete a waiver onsite, provide photo ID, and wear a designated wristband throughout the duration of the event.