My TL Memory

Tell us your favorite TL Memory...or one you barely remember. Tell us how you met your spouse for your first date, how you had too much tequila and tore up the dance floor (even though we don't really have dance floors), how it's the place you and your friends meet quarterly to get away from the kids and that one time your friend hit on the bartender. Anything goes and we want to hear it! 

Here's an example to get your juices flowing:
"One night after a Braves game, my friends and I headed back to the Grant Park location...when they were good and Chipper Jones was still on the team. After the win, we wanted to continue the celebration and they had a DJ that night. Tequila was flowing from our favorite bartenders, Travis and Mandy, and things got a little hazy. I was told the next morning that I single-handedly pushed all of the tables out of the way and got the whole bar up to dance. I'm sure there is a video out there somewhere..."  

We are giving away 10 $100 TLC gift cards to the memories that bring out all the laughs or cries. We may even use some of your stories to make a wallpaper! Don't worry, we respect your privacy and will not blast your name. So flip through that rolodex of memories of yours and get to telling!

* 1. Where did your favorite TL memory happen?

* 2. Now tell us your memory!

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