1. 2010 Survey

* 1. Please fill in your name and the school you are enrolled at.

* 2. How well do you think you have settled into your new Secondary School?

  Not at all Not very well Still working on it OK Good Very Well
Please rate your answer.

* 3. What were some of the major dificulties that you faced during transition?

* 4. Choose 2 of the above responses from question 3 you have chosen and explain why they were difficult.

* 5. What would have helped you in settling into your new secondary school?

* 6. After attending your new school for 8 weeks, what do you consider to be the most significant difference between primary & secondary school?

* 7. Did you attend any Information Evenings/Sessions conducted for your new secondary school?

* 8. How well did the information session assist with your transition?

  Not at all Very helpful
Please rate your answer.

* 9. When looking at schools, what made you choose your new secondary school?

* 10. Have you any further comments you would like to share?