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The Oldies Media Aware Study (#omas) explores the growing use of online technologies being used by the more senior members of our community and in particular, ways to support and encourage connections for those people to thrive (and not feel so isolated). #omas looks at the trends in social media for the demographic of people over 50. The information you provide is for research purposes only and a final report is released of data findings with no names mentioned.

We know, the main purpose for social media platforms is to connect with others, share stuff, and to have conversations. If you remove the fact it’s online, it's something all people enjoy doing and seek out ways to do. Every day. People have networked for centuries, through clubs and organisations, as well as informal networks of family and friends. Social media provides the opportunity to have, and be a friend, to congregate without leaving the house, to never be alone even when you are the only one in the house.

Thanks for your help.

Here's a little more about me and the study, written for the original survey in 2014: http://charlierobinson.wordpress.com/oldies-media-aware-study-omasunisa/

Thankyou - Charlie

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