Proposal for VAL Conference


Participants may submit one or more proposals for short general session talks, breakout workshop sessions, or a single-themed track that would include a short general session talk followed by one or more workshop sessions. All proposals are reviewed by the conference planning committee.

Powerful general session talks will be short, make one relevant point or tell one relevant story. Talks will be video recorded and uploaded to YouTube, as time allows. Prospective speakers may view TED talks for examples of what can be effectively done within the various time options.

The premise of the conference is that we are in the midst of a major cultural change due to various factors including peak oil, environmental degradation, climate change, money and debt, etc.

The guiding question for the conference to answer is:

Given the limits of environment, energy, climate and economy, what vision of a sustainable/restorative, more local future excites and energizes you?

In order to create a vision the conference will require talks, workshops, and/or tracks that address one of the following questions:

1. Where are we now? What is our current situation?
2. How did we get here? What can we learn from the past so as not to repeat?
3. Where are we headed? What things appear unavoidable?
4. What feels exciting and energizing to do, individually and collectively to respond to what appears unavoidable?
5. What is our preferred outcome or vision given the current situation?
6. What can we do to maximize the probability that both individually and collectively we will be part of creating more and more of our preferred outcome?

* 1. Please fill out the following demographic information:

* 2. If your proposal is for a general session talk how much speaking time is desired?

* 3. If your proposal is for breakout session(s) how many 1 hour sessions would you want?

* 4. Into which category would your talk best match?

* 5. Proposal title (60 characters or less)

* 6. Abstract of session and/or detailed explanation of workshop proposal (200 words or less)

* 7. Short summary of proposal(for use on web site, 350 characters or less)

* 8. What would be the technical needs for the proposal?

* 9. On which days could you deliver your talk?

* 10. Biography (200 words or less)

* 11. Short biography (for use on web site, 350 characters or less)

The conference planning committee will review all proposals that conform to the maximum length limit, and respond within two weeks. Thank you in advance for submitting your detailed proposal.