* 1. Presentations can also be designed for, people with disabilities, family members, professionals, and/or general audiences. Kathy does significant preparation when requested to do a presentation. This includes calls with the conference organizers and/or the team to hone in on the needs and interests of conference attendees in order to provide maximum value. Conference organizers and their team are asked to complete a brief online survey to provide Kathy an outline of needs and requests.

What is the title or theme of the conference?

* 2. What are the three main goals of the conference or workshop?

* 3. What are the three biggest needs of conference/workshop attendees?

* 4. What specific topics are you interested in Kathy presenting (either listed on her website or other topics)?

* 5. Contact Information - if you would like to be on the Radiant Abilities mailing list and find out about our other trainings.