Keep Your Rebel Covered Series

Please provide feedback on the videos in the UNLV Student Wellness Keep Your Rebel Covered (KYRC) sexual wellness education series.

For more information regarding this series, questions or concerns regarding Sexual Wellness, Relationship Communication, or other related topics, please contact the UNLV Rebel Wellness Zone Wellness Educator at 702-895-4400 or email

Thank you and remember to Keep Your Rebel Covered!

1. Which Keep Your Rebel Covered Series video are you evaluating?

2. Did viewing this video increase your understanding of the topic?

3. Help you gain self-understanding?

4. Provide you with new skills/tools?

5. Will you use the information you gained from this video?

6. Will the information in this video have a positive impact on your future academic and/ or personal wellness?

7. Would you recommend this video to a friend?

8. Would you recommend the Keep Your Rebel Covered Series to a friend?

9. How did you hear about the Keep Your Rebel Covered (KYRC) video series?

10. Do you have any suggestions for future KYRC topic areas? Questions regarding Sexual Wellness?