RSU 3 5th Grader,

Tanglewood is trying to better understand what makes our trips fun and exciting for students. We want to get your opinions about what is working with our school programs and what we could be doing better. To do so, we've put together the following survey. Your participation is completely voluntary and your responses will be anonymous. Please be honest in your answers and explain as much as possible.

Thank you,

Ian Collins
Open Air Classroom Director
Tanglewood 4H Camp and Learning Center

* 1. What school do you attend?

* 2. What were your best memories from your fall trip to Tanglewood?

* 3. What did you learn at Tanglewood that you’re also learning at school?

* 4. What did you learn about working with others during your visit to Tanglewood?

* 5. What do you think about changing schools in 6th grade?

* 6. Did your thoughts about changing schools in 6th-grade change after meeting some of the other students at Tanglewood? Please explain.

* 7. What questions do you have about going to Mt. View Middle School?