App Product Survey

* 1. Would you prefer to log in with Email account?

* 2. If yes, what is(are) the reason(s) you prefer email account?

* 3. Which interactive functions will improve your user experience during calling to others with JusTalk?

* 4. Do you need see the caller before you pick up the video call?

* 5. Do you need to record during the voice call? (Recording data is private protected and stored in your device)

* 6. Do you prefer to mix the relaxed sounds & music during the call?

* 7. Which size of group chat (e.g. video conference)?

* 8. Why you need group chat?

* 9. How often you use the group chat function?

* 10. Do you need to record the voice or video during the group chat?

* 11. What was the most expected options IM function that made you want to use?

* 12. Are you interested in the call reservation function?

* 13. Which of the following platform does your PC have?

* 14. Do you need to use JusTalk on PC?

* 15. Do you need to use JusTalk on Smart TV?

* 16. At which network environment you usually make calls on JusTalk?

* 17. Which option is your preference to use as the default color of JusTalk?

* 18. Do you have any advice on exploring new function in JusTalk?