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This information will help support grant applications /accountability, corporate sponsorship and collaboration. It will also give an indication of preferences for workshops at Training Weekend 2017. More than one Individual  from each library can complete this survey.

* 1. Name of your Toy Library.

* 2. What benefits or services  does your library appreciate from TLFNZ?

* 3. What can TLFNZ do to help  make a difference in the work you do for your llibrary?

* 4. TLFNZ is looking at sponsorship partnerships with like-minded corporate organisations which will benefit all member toy libraries.  Can you please indicate what organisations your library supports or has members from  like play centres or care givers? ( eg Porse, Barnados etc)

* 5. What  would  you benefit from knowing more about at the Training Weekend 28-30 July 2017? What knowledge gaps do you have in operating your toy library or area's your library is struggling in, that would be helpful?
( Please assume your library will be able to attend for this answer)

* 6. Have you joined  the TLFNZ Facebook group where you can ask questions and be involved in forum discussions with other toy libraries?

* 7. Is there anything TLFNZ could be doing differently?

* 8. How often would you like to receive updates or news from TLFNZ?

* 9. Name one positive experience  or benefit you have had by your association with toy libraries.