1. Parent Community Association, Adult Education Survey

The Parent Community Association (PCA) Adult Education Committee, with the support of the Faculty Adult Education Committee, needs your input to plan educational programs for our community. We can't be successful without knowing your interests and thoughts, so we look forward to hearing from you. Please reply by July 25th, and thank you in advance for your time!

Excerpts from the PCA mandate relevant to Adult Education include the following:

Develop and support adult education
• Work collaboratively with faculty representatives to develop and support the school’s adult education program.
• Identify and support parent needs for information and resources regarding Waldorf education and related issues concerning their children’s growth and development.
• Operate and maintain the adult lending library

The committee description follows:

Joint Parent/Faculty Adult Education Committee
Work with faculty to establish and facilitate adult education programs for parents. Ensure wide input from both parents and faculty as the yearly program is developed. Coordinate with school leadership and staff to avoid congestion in the school calendar.


Carol Jones
PCA Adult Education Committee