* 1. What do you see as Squash Australia’s main role with regard to High Performance?

* 2. What is the most essential component of your training that Squash Australia could assist you with?

* 3. How could Squash Australia’s High Performance unit best be improved?

* 4. Do you think it is essential for a Squash Australia Coach to be present to help players at major championships or tournaments where a large group of Australians are competing e.g. World Open, British Open, Australian Open?

* 5. What training situations would suit you best?

* 6. In your opinion what importance/relevance does doubles have in Squash Australia’s High Performance structure?

* 7. Should senior players be made to undergo benchmarked fitness testing e.g. ghosting, VO2 Max, agility and strength?

* 8. Should players be made accountable for any funding support from squash Australia?
What expectations are reasonable for players to fulfil?

* 9. What area of high performance deserves or needs the most attention?

* 10. Typically what do Australian players need to improve to attain higher rankings?