1. Opening Comments

Thank you taking this survey. As I head back to Topeka for the 2013 Legislative Session, I would really appreciate your input. Legislators will likely deal with over 600 different issues, bills or amendments. Because of District boundary changes many of you are new to me. Your perspective, priorities, and ideas are important to me.

Governor Sam Brownback is moving forward on his “Roadmap” for Kansas. The Governor is talking about strengthening our economy, growing jobs, and lowering taxes. As legislators we will also be dealing with the underfunding of KPERS (KS employee retirement system) and making needed changes to the school funding formula. There is a lot of talk about what the state can do to keep our schools safe and there continues to be a strong push to allow strong liquor in our grocery and convenience stores.

Below are a number of questions dealing with these and other issues.

As you get towards the end of the survey, I will be asking for your contact information. You do not have to provide your name or address. Your answers can remain anonymous.

*** Feel free to answer ONLY those questions of interest to you. ***

If you do not live in the 82nd Kansas House District and do provide me with your contact informaiton, I will do my best to pass your input on to your State Representative.

* 1. Would you like me to mail you a copy of Governor Brownback's Roadmap for Kansas?

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