1. Survey

1. Thank you for participating in this survey. Your participation in this evaluation is completely voluntary. The information obtained during this evaluation will be kept strictly confidential and will not become a part of your record. Any sharing or publication of research results will not identify you or anyone participating in NanoChallenge.

Please provide the demographic information below:

2. Which science class(es) are you taking this year?

3. Which extracurricular activities are you involved in?

4. How did you first hear of this program?

5. What was important to you when you decided to participate in NanoChallange?

6. What types of instruction or learning style works best for you?

7. What type of major might you be interested in pursuing while in college?

8. Have you considered UIUC as a possible university to pursue this major?

9. What career might this major help you to achieve?

10. Describe the type of experiences you would like to have with NanoChallenge.