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* 1. Which country and city do you currently reside in?

* 2. Which Magazines, Blogs or online websites do you visit most often?

* 3. Have you shopped at STYLESOFIA before?

* 4. How did you hear about us?

* 5. Where do you go to for inspiration?

* 6. How often do you shop for these clothing and accessories online?

  Never Rarely Occasionally Often Always
Skirts and Shorts
Pants and Leggings

* 7. Where else do you shop online?

* 8. On a scale of 1 to 10, please rank us based on what you've experienced with us so far! Tell us what you love, or not.

  Below expectations Satisfactory Exceeding expectations
Unique products offered
Great and timely customer service
Ease of navigation and payment
Fun and interactive features
Good return policy
Collaborations with bloggers and other partners
Constant Facebook and Twitter updates
Currency currently displayed on the website

* 9. How important are the following factors when choosing where to shop online?

  Not important at all Moderately important Downright essential!
Shipping costs
Additional costs like taxes, duties etc
The speed of order delivery
Website in your preferred language
Website prices in your local currency
Ease of payment
Timely and excellent customer service and follow up

* 10. What is your preferred method of payment?