* 1. The Money Smart Week chair needs to know how many books your library can use for Iowa's Money Smart Kids READ, April 23-30, 2016. Our budget is limited, so it's first-come, first-served.

Please provide contact information:

* 2. The book is "If You Made a Million " by David Schwartz, geared to middle elementary students. Enter quantity of books you request, up to 20 (1 book per family)

* 3. How do you plan to promote your event(s)?

* 4. What date are you planning your event?

* 5. What time are you planning your event?

* 6. If you are having a second event, what is that date?

* 7. What time would your second event be?

* 8. Please acknowledge that you understand this READ event is jointly for parents/grandparents  and their kids, not a children's-only event. We encourage the adults to be involved.

* 9. Please acknowledge that you will try to send us a photo of your event, will try to incorporate financial concepts, and will try to connect with a local credit union if possible.

* 10. Please acknowledge that you understand you may have to pick up the books from the nearest Money Smart Week planning team or your state library district coordinator or possibly your local AEA. (We do not mail books.)