1. Norwich Family Fitness Customer Service Survey

We are continuously working to improve our services to serve the community better. As part of this effort we are asking you to fill out the following survey. We appreciate your participation. By filling out this survey please accept a complimentary 1 month membership to our fitness centre. Thank you in advance for completing this survey.

* 1. What is your age?

* 2. Are you currently a member of Norwich Family Fitness?

* 3. Have you ever been a member of a fitness centre previously?

* 4. What amount of money per month would you be willing to spend on a fitness club membership?

* 5. Only answer this question if you answered "none - not interested" in question above.

Why are you not interested in a fitness membership or using a fitness club?

* 6. How important is exercising to you?

* 7. What is the biggest factor in your decision to join or not join a fitness club?

* 8. If you answered "other" to the last question please provide further details to your answer.

* 9. What services would you like to see available at Norwich Family Fitness?

* 10. Please enter the code that is on the flyer you received at your home and/or your name. This code will allow us to confirm survey completion in order to provide you with a free one month trial membership. Please bring your flyer when you come as proof in order to receive your free 1 month trial membership.