Take a moment to check out our newest feature! The OPEN MINDS Newsletter Survey. Each month we will be providing a reader survey for the topics driving successful organizations in the health and human services industry. This month we have put together a quick governance survey, which we will then report on in our June edition of the monthly newsletter.

* 1. Your organization type:

* 2. Your organization’s annual revenues:

* 3. What type of training does your board receive?

* 4. Does your organization have a strategic plan?

* 5. Who is responsible for developing your organization's strategic plan?

* 6. On a scale of one to four where one is "not confident" and four is "very confident", how confident are you in your organization's:

  1 2 3 4
Board effectiveness

* 7. What is the most important responsibility of your board?

* 8. Please list your name, organization, and e-mail address to receive your detailed summary of the survey results and qualify for a drawing to win a free registration for the 2012 OPEN MINDS Planning & Innovation Institute this June 6-8. Personal information will be kept anonymous when we report the survey results in June.