1. Does your area of Philadelphia feel safer?

Do you feel your area is getting more or less safe?

The analtics x prize attempts to predict where homicides will occur in Philadelphia this year. If we can accurately predict this police resources can be better focused. This could reduce the number of homicides in the city.

If you can say where feels more or less safe we will add your data to the prediction model. This means you could help reduce homicides in Philadelphia.

* 1. Do you feel your area is getting safer?

* 2. Please enter your zip code

* 3. What street do you live on? (this is not mandatory but it will help our model)

* 4. If you have opinions on other zip codes please enter them below. Your opinion can be entered as "zip code opinion," so for example 19019 much safer, 19102 less safe,

* 5. If you have any further comments about the safety of your area or about your work or experience please enter it.