Name of the Year 2022 submission form

The American Name Society requests nominations for the “Names of the Year for 2022”. Names selected will be ones that best illustrate, through their creation and/or use during the past 12 months, important trends in the culture of the United States. It is not necessary, however, for a nominated name to have originated in the US. Any name can be nominated as long as it has been prominent in North American cultural discourse during the past year. You can see past winners here.

Winners will be chosen in each category, and then a final vote will determine the overall Name of the Year for 2022. Anyone may nominate a name. All members of the American Name Society attending the annual meeting will select the winner from among the nominees at the annual ANS meeting on January 20-22, 2023. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at the annual meeting.

To participate, please enter your nominations in any or all of the categories below along with a brief rationale for each nomination.

This survey will close on January 13, 2023.
1.Personal Names: Names individuals or groups of people.
2.Place Names: Names of geographical locations, including all natural features, political subdivisions, streets, and buildings.
3.Trade Names: Names of commercial products, non-profit companies, and other companies, organizations, and businesses.
4.Artistic & Literary Names: Titles of art works, books, plays, television programs, movies, etc.
5.E-Names: Names of persons, figures, places, products, businesses, institutions, operations, organizations, platforms, and movements that exist in the virtual world.
6.Miscellaneous Names: Names that do not fit in the above five categories.