Community Solar Sign-up

Community Solar is coming to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict! Through a partnership with Seattle City Light, a Community Solar array is going to be installed on the roof of Capitol Hill Housing's Holiday Apartment building (an affordable housing development in Capitol Hill). This will be fourth project of the very popular Community Solar program through Seattle City Light. 

Official enrollment begins October 1st, but you can reserve your spot in the sun by responding to this survey. Once you complete this survey, we will hold your reservation and you will receive an email when enrollment officially opens. You will then need to enroll within 10 days to claim your reservation.

Please note: Completion of this survey reserves you early bird access to the Community Solar installation on Capitol Hill Housing's Holiday Apartment building. Payment will be requested when official enrollment opens October 1st.

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* 1. Are you a Seattle City Light Customer? (A Seattle City Light account is required for participation)

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* 2. To reserve your spot in the Capitol Hill Housing Solar installation, please provide your contact information.

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* 3. Each community solar unit costs $150. Seattle City Light estimates that participants will receive more than $150 worth of credits for each unit purchased by the end of their agreement in 2020.

How many community solar units are you interested in purchasing?

Thanks for your early bird reservation! These units will be held for you up to 10 days after the official enrollment opening in early October. Be on the lookout for an email from Seattle City Light with all of the details and payment options. Don't forget to spread the word!