The goal of these new training sessions is to help your organization integrate CIS into your existing College and Career Readiness implementation plan. CIS Staff members will be traveling to different regions in Idaho to conduct these personalized workshops. Please fill out the following questionnaire to help us plan dates and locations for the series. Registration information will be available later in the summer.

* 1. Name

* 2. School or Organization

* 3. Position/Job Title

* 4. Name of the person who serves as the school/ organization’s Password Manager (if different from the individual requesting training)

* 5. Training Topics (Note: If you are requesting training on CIS Implementation Plan, a few members from your organizations’ counseling, administrative (registrar) and teaching staff are required to attend.)

* 6. Number of individuals who would attend the training.

* 7. Preferred length of training

* 8. Please select your region.